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Since June of 2015, the Marin Post has worked hard to bring you articles, news, and information unavailable anywhere else in the San Francisco Bay Area.


The Marin Post is the only 100% community-journalist, online news in California. We are truly the “voice of the community.”

The Marin Post has no fake accounts. All contributors are who they say they are. Our comment's section is monitored to remove abuse, ad hominem attacks, and internet trolls.

We are tremendously grateful to our volunteers and all our fantastic contributors, who bring you the very best in breaking news. But it is not without costs.

The annual operating budget of the Marin Post is approximately $25,000 per year.*

If you enjoy reading the Marin Post and feel, as I do, that community journalism is important, we need your support.



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Bob Silvestri - Editor in Chief

* The majority of expenses are for site webmaster (backend maintenance, performance and security monitoring, platform updates, etc.), consulting coding assistance (new features integration, widget upgrades, trouble-shooting, etc.), and then for servers and cloud data, domain licensing, internet and ISP services, and other administrative costs.