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MMWD pensions illustrate larger problem taxpayers face

I want to make sure that Bob Bunnell’s excellent Marin Voice is read by everyone – even those who don’t subscribe to the Marin IJ. Jack Dean, creator/director of Pension Tsunami, placed it at the top of his daily list ( and posted it on his pension reform Facebook page, Californians for Pension Reform. This is always the ‘big time’ for pension related articles! Thanks, Jack!


The sad fact is that almost all – if not all – of the increases we are seeing in taxes, rates and fees are directly related to pension debt. Not all citizens have the time or expertise to delve into financial records to unearth the facts and, in truth, should not have to - but government officials are reluctant to divulge this information for fear it will kill their attempt to continue to turn to the taxpayers for additional funding.

As CSPP has urged over the last 8 years, our elected representatives in all levels of government need to step up to the plate and support pension reform efforts. From the County Supervisors to the City Council members to each and every public agency – those we have entrusted to serve us need to start doing so.


of Novato is a pension compliance manager for a third-party administrator of private union pension plans. He is a member of Citizens for Sustainable Pension Plans, a Marin public pension reform organization.