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Fire Safe Marin

Fire Safe Marin's "Fund-a-Goat" Fundraising Campaign

Fire Safe Marin is working to raise $100,000 in tax deductible donations, to bring herds of goats to Marin County communities for wildlife hazard reduction.

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Goats offer a natural, economical, and sustainable solution to reducing vegetation fuel and wildfire hazards in Marin. In 2018, FIRESafe MARIN helped bring 800 goats and sheep to central Marin where they grazed more than 340 acres of high-risk grass woodlands, clearing 2+ acres a day of vegetation, including non-native, invasive plants.

This approach proved cost effective and gentle on the land, reducing the fuels for fire, restoring native grasslands where firefighters can more easily control fires, limiting greenhouse gas emissions, and creating pastoral fuel breaks in the open spaces between communities. In 2019, with your help, Fire Safe Marin plans to expand this valuable project to 1200+ goats and nearly 500 acres!

To DONATE: Text "Goat" to 77453 or go to their website:

Your donation is tax deductible, and if you donate $100 or more, you'll get to name a goat!

If they are able to reach their fundraising goals, FIRESafe MARIN will introduce and graze goats in more Marin communities, from Sausalito to Novato and West Marin in our ongoing effort to reduce wildfire fuels. They're working with public and private landowners and Marin’s growing network of recognized Firewise USA neighborhoods to identify locations where grazing will be most effective and provide the most protection for the greatest number of neighborhoods.