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John Parulis

PETITION "NO" on SB 827 828! Stop Top-Down Planning and Unsustainable High-Density Housing Growth!

Please sign the new online petition entitled;

"NO" TO SB-827 and SB 828! Stop Top-Down Planning and Unsustainable High Density Housing Growth

...and don't forget to write a comment where it says - "Reasons for
signing". It only takes a minute. Then, please spread the news via
email, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media! When you sign the
petition, an email will be sent to every single Senator and
Assemblymember in the State of California, urging them to oppose
SB-827 and SB-828 (described below)."

ABOUT SENATE BILL 827: Senate Bill 827 (Wiener) would allow developers to build much denser, taller housing near major transit hubs and transit corridors by exempting "transit-rich housing projects" from local regulations concerning zoning, density, floor area ratio, setbacks, design guidelines, and parking requirements. The bill would also mandate that minimum height limits of such housing range from 45 to 85 feet (5 to 8 stories) OR from 65 to 105 feet (7 to 10 stories) if the State Density Bonus is applied.

SB-827 would pose a significant threat to local control, democracy, and public engagement. Immense developments could be approved with hardly any public input! The bill would benefit developers who profit from unlimited high-end housing production, without solving the need for affordable housing. Furthermore, it would foster displacement of existing residents.

ABOUT SENATE BILL 828: Senate Bill 828 (Wiener) would dramatically raise local jurisdictions' housing quotas by requiring them to plan for 200% more housing units than their assigned housing allocations, among other methods.

CONSEQUENCES OF BOTH BILLS: The subsequent housing densification and population growth would increase the risk of adverse impacts on the environment, public health and safety, traffic congestion, infrastructure, utilities (water supply), public services (schools), views, sunlight, privacy, neighborhood character, and quality of life. Moreover, there is no funding for dealing with these impacts.

TAKE ACTION: Please sign this petition. Urge members of the California State Legislature to lobby and vote against SB-827 and SB-828 and, instead, support locally-grown sustainable strategies that enable our communities to meet all housing needs.

Sustainable TamAlmonte started this petition to Senator Mike McGuire and 120 others



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