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CO$T Wins Statewide Award! Ambitious 2019/20 Plan Succeeds with Your Help

Breaking News! CO$T has been named Taxpayer Organization of the Year by California’s leading state-wide taxpayer advocacy group, Howard Jarvis Taxpayers’ Association. HJTA's press release cites CO$T’s unique nonpartisan coalition as an innovative approach to taxpayer advocacy in California. HJTA adds that CO$T’s leadership team is renowned for its financial expertise and deep-dive research.

Why this matters: HJTA’s recognition further bolsters CO$T’s effectiveness as a voice for Marin’s taxpayer-voters. Local jurisdictions and media increasingly rely on CO$T’s financial research, insights, oversight, and guidance.

Help us build on this good news!

YOUR financial contribution fuels our activities: community meetings, renowned guest speakers, website, informational alerts, advocacy, campaign assistance, marketing, research, administration, and more.

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Keep Reading! What We’ve Accomplished. What comes Next.

COST is almost two years old! CO$T’s achievements to date have built our renown, opening the door to greater advocacy clout and public service as Marin Taxpayers’ Voice.

We’re hosting highly popular public events.

In 2019, we’ll host two or more community events:

CO$T’s educational public meetings bring attention to the impact on school funding, public services and taxes/fees resulting from underfunded pensions and dysfunctional fiscal policy. Our CO$T Forum series (with professional event videos posted to our website) has featured notable guest speakers:

We’re Bird-Dogging Fee Increases on Essential Services, such as Marin Municipal Water District rates:

We’re Working for Good Priorities and Fiscal Solvency at Tam Union High School District (Tam, Redwood, Drake)

We’re a Voice for Transparency, Fiscal Responsibility and Appropriate Process: San Geronimo Golf course collaboration

We’re Building an Organization for Long-term Impact

CO$T ensures Marin taxpayers’ concerns are heard:

We’re Building relationships and impact with local jurisdictions.

Jurisdictions are now soliciting CO$T’s early input on contemplated tax, fee, and spending proposals. This cooperative approach results in proposals that are more fair, transparent, and fiscally responsible.

CO$T is spearheading efforts for more equitable tax and fee structures such as:

CO$T aggressively fights unfair tax/fee practices, including

We sunlight excessive and/or hidden fees that you don’t get to vote on:

Franchise fees (on refuse, cable, and utilities), water, and sewer rates.

Learning from Experience

While we haven’t won every contest, we’re quickly gaining valuable experience and amassing skills we can profitably put to future use.

Transportation Authority of Marin

CO$T authored the ballot argument against the 2018 30 year transportation sales tax Measure AA: it’s too long and lacks a clear plan. While the measure passed, we had important accomplishments:

Kentfield, Lagunitas, and Dixie school parcel tax measures

These unfortunately passed despite our sound objections. But we’re successfully getting the word out that districts should consider fairer alternative parcel tax structures…. AND that we will oppose any off-cycle special election tax measure.

What’s ahead for 2019 and beyond:

And Finally – Expanding our Marin Public Service Activities


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