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Marin District Attorney Race

If the District Attorney's race had you wondering how to vote, current DA Ed Berberian's recent actions may help out. DA candidate Anna Pletcher recently criticized the current DA administration for failing to prosecute environmental crimes as well as other criticisms. Pletcher's opponent, Lori Fugioli, is one of Berberian's assistant DAs and is supported by Berberian.

Berberian has been similarly criticized by other attorneys for focusing on getting his numbers up by settling large amounts of minor cases and for not lifting a finger to prosecute white collar, financial or government transparency crimes. But as reported by the IJ on Thursday, Berberian, instead of doing what almost any incumbent would do, just taking the hit or even responding with an Op-ed written on his own time, actually spent tax payer monies to refute the accusations.

Such a use of taxpayer resources for political purposes is almost certainly a violation of Fair Political Practice Commission rules. What makes the situation even more remarkable, is that County Counsel Brian Washington, instead of shutting up or saying he could not recommend such conduct, wholeheartedly endorsed Berberian's use of those taxpayer funds for political purposes. (Given Washington's high-handed tactics to stifle citizen suits in environmental and open government cases that is not a surprise.)

How does this help you vote?

Well, since Frugioli was endorsed by Berberian that certainly provides a basis. Also, I have spoken with Pletcher and was very impressed. She seems highly qualified and concerned and has vastly more diverse management and policy experience than Fugioli. And as opposed to Fugioli, she does not have Ed Berberian's vote.