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Courtesy of Norwegian LDN Documentary

Norwegian LDN Documentary: “I was the old Nansy again, (laughing) to the despair of some.”

Nansy was suffering from the deleterious effects of multiple sclerosis, she found the off-label drug Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN), and experienced a dramatic reduction of symptoms. Her doctors were skeptical: the result didn’t fit in with their world view of expensive, high-side-effect-laden treatments. This is one story from "Norwegian LDN Documentary."

This YouTube documentary is an episode of the Norwegian television program “Vårt lille land” (“Our Small Country”). English subtitles are included. In a very short 22 minutes the film covers a lot of territory. We get an outline of the drug’s history, its use in treating autoimmune disorders, the struggles patients experience securing a prescription for it—and the life-changing help LDN may provide.

The impact of this documentary changed national policies in Norway. Not only are prescriptions much easier to obtain, but national health care is covering the costs of the drug in some instances—a documentary filmmaker's ideal result.

LDN is a global people’s movement. There are websites, Facebook groups, books, and videos—and even an internet radio program—devoted to the drug and its value. This brief documentary is a perfect introduction.

There is no lack of information about LDN. You may find much information about LDN via and

Here’s the film’s link

(Pictured: Dr. Edmond O’Flaherty, MICGP)


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