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Pension costs 'crowding out' spending on parks, schools and social services

This article addresses the points from Joe Nation's study and adds comments made by Dave Low,

What is NOT mentioned is the impact of the enhanced pensions granted by SB 400. Instead, the 2008 recession is blamed for almost everything.

Mr. Low goes so far as to ask if pensions should be taken away just because we're still suffering the effects of that recession, ignoring the enhancements altogether.

Read Sacramento Bee article here

There seems to be a shift in citizen awareness and action, evidenced by the lawsuits in Marin and Sonoma counties, the Janus v AFSCME hearing scheduled for the U.S. Supreme Court, and the CalFire v CalPERS case scheduled for the CA State Supreme Court.

In addition, some local governments are also stepping up to the plate. Mill Valley has made further significant strides in reining in retiree healthcare debt. I hope to have detailed information for you soon.

Change appears to be in the air. In the 6+ years that CSPP has been fighting for reform, I have never felt more hopeful that positive changes are possible.

Jody Morales - CSPP