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Andrew Wakefield Courtesy of Vaxxed

Vaxxed: From Coverup to Catastrophe

“...Look at the science, look at the facts...”

President Barack Obama

Preface: It is a filmmaker’s dream. Having your film pulled from the internationally-renown Tribeca Film Festival. I am not being sarcastic. The censor’s demand gave Vaxxed many thousands of dollars of complimentary publicity, and now countless more people are seeing Vaxxed who may not have even heard of it.

I have never felt more like Alice-through-the-looking-glass than I have in witnessing our stilted, manipulated national dialog about vaccinations. Otherwise intelligent people have inoculated their brains from the horrors of logic and common sense.

As I’ve written before, if you are pro-vaccine or if you are anti-vaccine, you are ignoring science. To be 'pro-' or 'anti-' implies one believes all vaccines are the same in safety and effectiveness. To believe so is to deny both science and common sense. Given the raw fact-of-life that not all vaccines are equal in safety and effectiveness, it is incumbent on those who chose to vaccinate themselves and their charges to make informed decisions on what vaccinations are to be received.

Who takes the time to do this?


Produced by Del Matthew Bigtree and Andrew Wakefield, and directed by Wakefield. Vaxxed reveals incriminating evidence of malfeasance in the research, development, regulation and marketing of vaccines. The most damning is the information about the manipulation of research methods and data.

The information in Vaxxed is stunning. The passion generated motivates the viewer to urge others to see this film—as I so do—or inspires the threatened viewer to squelch the film as much as possible. Hence, the removal of Vaxxed from this year’s prestigious (and now infamous) Tribeca Film Festival, as well as the removal of Lance Simmens’s favorable review of the film from The Huffington Post.

I have pondered about these attempts to censor Vaxxed because although there are other cautionary documentaries about vaccines, I have never seen this kind of reaction. I speculate that the difference in this film is that it names names, as well as specific acts of commission and omission. I confess to confusion because one would think that in today’s world widespread coverage of the censor’s attempts would defeat the purpose of the act of censorship.

Vaxxed is expertly produced. It is not an anti-vaccine film. Instead, it points out massive flaws in our use of this medical technology. It also provides solutions.

For those who wish to empower and care for themselves and their dear ones, you may find information about making personal decisions about vaccines by consulting the National Vaccine Information Center. If you want to take political action, that is even more reason for you to see this film.


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