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Seeking Donations for Standing Rock

Hello all,

I'm a student at UC Berkeley affiliated with a student organization formed to support the Native led movement at Standing Rock. I am from Tam Valley. If you are unfamiliar with what is happening in North Dakota, there is currently a pipeline being built that would take more than 450,000 barrels of fracked, highly volatile crude oil per day from the Bakken fields of North Dakota to Patoka, Illinois (DemocracyNow). The pipeline is being built through sacred lands. The pipeline is nearly finished but, there has been resistance for about 6 months. This is one of the largest gatherings of indigenous people worldwide standing in solidarity against environmentally and culturally destructive, for profit projects. As a part of this group and potentially going myself, I am gathering supplies to bring. I would need to gather items by November 20th at the latest.

Below is a list of things the Sacred Stones camp has said they need most. Anything you think you could donate would be much appreciated and would be a way to support the water and land protectors. If you have supplies you'd be willing to send you can drop them off at my house in Tam Valley (address given if you think you have something to donate) or I could arrange to pick it up. Thank you for reading this far. Finally, the camps have said they do not need clothes.

-Firewood (preferably oak, maple, ash) one of their biggest winter needs
-Sleeping bags for subzero temperatures
-Carts and Wheelbarrows for hauling wood
-Fire Extinguishers
-Fur Blankets
-Food (bulk foods, meats)
-Large Coolers
-Lanterns, lights
-Construction supplies, tools
-Gift Cards (Lowes or Menards, no Home Depot)
-Visa Gas cards
-Medical Supplies
-Folding Tables
-Gas Generators
-Insulated Carhartt type coveralls, overalls, coats
-Paint (including spray paint)
-Ropes, tie downs
-Sleeping Bags (for 0 degrees F and lower- no warm weather bags)
-Solar Chargers for electronic devices
-Solar Panels, inverter
-Tents (That can stand up to high winds, snow, subzero temps)
-Thermal Bed Rolls
-Walk Talkies with long range
-Winter Coats (For very cold temperatures, good condition only please)
-Winter salt for roads
-Winter stoves (Mostly small ones for tipis)

If you would like to see the full list or read more, below is the link.

ALSO, if you feel like you would like to support but do not have any of the aforementioned supplies, the camps have said they are in need of monetary support. This could be for legal funds or just support so people can buy food. Below are links to copy and paste. Thank you, thank you. There is power in numbers.

Legal fund:
Amazon wishlist:
Support Red Warrior Camp:
Support Sacred Stones Camp:



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