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The MMWD is using Fluoride chemicals that are NOT approved FOR THE PURPOSE they are for

The MMWD is using Fluoride chemicals that are NOT approved FOR THE PURPOSE they are put into our water.

Hydrofluorosilicic acid (fluoride chemicals used) are the only chemicals added to our water supply FOR THE PURPOSE of having a MEDICAL EFFECT on our bodies; and must be approved by the FDA, ( However, HFA is NOT approved by the FDA. The other chemicals that are added to our drinking water supply are added to treat the water, (not people), and are approved by the National Sanitation Foundation, (NSF); they do not need to be approved by the FDA. The NSF approval of hydroflurosilicic acid is meaningless and irrelevant.

Because the MMWD is using a fluoride compound that is NOT APPROVED FOR THE PURPOSE it is being put into our water, the MMWD is in violation of the ordinance that resulted from the 1972 and 1977 votes.

law of required individual consent when medicating a person. ( preserved by Article 1, Section 1 of the California Constitution.

The MMWD Board Members could TAKE A VOTE to pass an ordinance to end water fluoridation now. The MMWD Board has the authority to do this, (

Contrary to what the MMWD states, they are also not bound by the 1995 CA state mandate because of the "outside money" clause, the already existing CA Health and Safety law CODE SECTION 104830-104865, which provides kids with free topical fluoride treatments in their schools, and the CEQUA law that requires the MMWD to stop water fluoridation until an environmental study on its impact is done. (<

Fluoride is more toxic than lead, (, and these fluoride chemicals cause lead to leach from the pipes into our drinking water, (!

MMWD emails and phone numbers

Larry Bragman - - 415-945-1449

Jack Gibson - - 415-924-9262

Cynthia Koehler - - 415-945-1499

Armando Quintero - - 415-945-1499

Larry Russell - - 415-385-7700