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Kevin Haroff Announces Marin Supervisor Candidacy in District II against Katie Rice

2016 Supervisor Candidate Haroff details his platform in the attached video (after intro from Joan Bennett). An environmental lawyer and Larkspur Councilperson, Haroff, if elected,would be the first new supervisor in district 2 in nearly 25 years to be democratically elected (not appointed).

Mr. Haroff was blunt in his call for change in Marin's current culture of insider politics and the harms it is causing. Highlights of his electrifying talk (which is well worth watching in entirety) include:

Mr Haroff also lists a series of things he is FOR:

Many thanks to Steve Nestel, at Save Marinwood, for posting this valuable video link.

Breaking news: Marin IJ Notes Kevin Haroff's Challenge to Katie Rice's Supervisor Seat.


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