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The Marin Post is a nonprofit project of Community Venture Partners, Inc. Our mission is to empower citizen journalists by providing an online platform for articles and news about issues of shared community concern.

The Marin Post is the premier publishing platform in Marin County for citizen journalists and anyone who has a passion to write.

The Marin Post exists in a place between the madness of social media and the mundane filters of traditional online news publications. Its content is targeted toward an adult audience seeking substantive, factual, well-written content. (Please see our User Guidelines.)

The Marin Post is the only ”user-generated” content publication Northern California for “citizen journalists,” both professional or non-professional. As such, the Marin Post has no staff writers and contributors are unpaid. It is the last Marin news service in Marin that provides the public with professional investigative journalism. Marin Post articles have had tangible impacts on government decision-making in Marin County and beyond.

The Marin Post went live, online in June of 2015, and is presently the fastest growing online new publication in its market. Based on the “Market Competitive Index,” as compiled by MOZ, since 2018, our growth has surpassed the Marin IJ and the Pacific Sun by a wide margin. After almost 9 years, we now enjoy 34% market penetration in the San Francisco Bay Area with the majority of our readership in Marin County. Google Analytics indicates that we are growing by an average of 2,500 new users every month.