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Barbara McVeigh

Filmmaker, Author, TV/Radio Host and Activist
Fairfax, California

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Barbara McVeigh is a passionate artist and environmentalist. Her two films Racing with Copepods and The Man Behind the White Guitar were passion projects to highlight ocean issues and the power of music and positive vision. Politically, she understands how important it is to stand your ground for what is right - her father took a stand against President Ronald Reagan in the 1981 union strike, along wither 12,000 other union members when campaign promises were not delivered. She was 13 years old and remembers the night she waited in fear for the FBI to come arrest her father - it was a federal crime for her father to strike against the government. They did arrest others, but not her father, though he was fired from his job, along with 12,000 other union members, an act that facilitated the shutdown of many unions across the country.

Barbara understands the sacrifice of losing everything, as her father nearly did, when you stand for honesty.

Today she hosts a program called "People's Environmental News" and continues with other impact productions in order to inspire others to do what's right, as our country faces the most egregious injustices - economically, racially, environmentally and more - all which can be directly linked to the policies that Reagan instilled in the 1980s.

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