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Thomas Lord

Berkeley, California

Thomas Lord lives in Berkeley. He has an abiding interest in political economy and housing economics. In 2017 he was appointed to Berkeley's Housing Advisory Commission (his posts here are strictly in an individual capacity).

Tom has also been active in the Free (Libre) Software Movement for more than three decades. If you've ever wondered, for example, why you can't trust the software on your cellphone, check out his friends at

If you meet Tom at a pub, consider asking him why it might be a good idea to radically shorten the work week -- and about how we might do so. Greenest and most equitable thing we could do, perhaps. It's also probably the easiest form of revolution possible.

The woods of Tom's mis-spent youth are all spoilt by ill-considered development, and he is watching the effects of almost 50 years of collapsing wages uproot society and terrify his young adult friends. A better world is surely possible.