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Gaetan Lion

Independent Researcher
Mill Valley, California

My Website

I spent a long career within technical areas of finance. Over a few decades, I acquired a background in economics, econometrics, investments, risk management, statistics, and other quantitative methods. Over the most recent few years, I learned a bit in Machine Learning. And, I developed a rather humorous expertise in developing spurious overfit Deep Neural Network models.

Now, I am an independent researcher. I am truly independent. I am not paid by anyone. I work only on what interests me and where I feel on occasion my research may be of assistance.

On a global level, I am interested and engaged in analyzing topics within the following domains: demographics, economics, investments, Climate Change, health care, sports, politics.

At the local level I am interested and engaged in analyzing issues related to the following topics: MMWD water supply considerations, demographic growth projections and housing mandates, public pensions and municipalities solvency.

I have published my research since September 2021 at various blog sites and also powerpoint uploading websites.