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Emily Brower Auchard

Freelance writer and editor
Kentfield, California

After graduating with Honors from Wesleyan University in Middletown, CT (years ago!), I moved to San Francisco and started as a reporter for MacWEEK, a weekly publication about Macintosh computers and software that is now shut down. After working for MacWEEK, I transitioned to public relations for NeXT Computer and when NeXT disappeared, I became freelance content provider for existing and startup technology developers. Most recently, my clients have been in the healthcare world for which digital care is expanding care access and equity.

In addition to writing blogs, white papers, ghosted article submissions and website content, I have also been an editor for Women Writers in Medicine, a start-up focused on helping female physicians gain a public voice.

My freelance work has also included general media such as Redbook, and I have also had a few pieces published by the Marin IJ. My interest in publishing with Marin Post is that it is focused on local issues of concern, which unfortunately frequently do not get coverage by the Marin IJ.