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Tina G McMillan

Psychotherapist and Consultant
Novato, California

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Tina McMillan made Marin County her home in 1977. She received her undergraduate and graduate degrees from Dominican University in Psychology and Marriage, Family and Child Therapy. Tina has a successful private practice as a Novato psychotherapist and consultant. She is married with two sons. She is an avid gardener who loves spending time with her family, walking her dogs or sitting quietly reading a good mystery. Tina researches and writes about High Conflict Divorce, Non Verbal Learning Disorders, Sandplay and Therapy with Children.

After Tina's sons graduated from High School she began volunteering with Novato groups interested in creating workable solutions to local problems in education, city planning, housing, transportation and economics. In 2012, Tina joined the Northbay Education Foundation to create a petition for a K through 8 Charter School. In 2014, she participated in a city run Community Based Transportation Plan. From 2011 to date Tina has participated in city run charette's as precursors to the update of the General Plan. Tina is particularly interested in development along the Redwood Corridor as the last remaining area in Novato zoned for commercial enterprise.

Tina enjoys writing articles to provoke thoughtful discussion of local issues. She is a member of Balanced Housing, the Novato Community Alliance, the Novato Homeowners Association and Citizen Marin. Tina is most concerned about the city maintaining a high quality of life for the residents of Novato. Tina believes that Novato's ongoing deficit spending threatens its ability to maintain essential services and that the use of sales tax revenue to make up for the short fall is not a viable long term solution.

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