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Susan Kirsch

Former Candidate, Marin County Board of Supervisors, District 3
Mill Valley, California

In June 2015, I launched my campaign to unseat Kate Sears on the Board of Supervisors. I knew winning would be a challenge. Sears had been appointed by Gov. Jerry Brown after the untimely death of Supervisor Charles McGlashan. She ran unopposed in 2012.

I was determined there would be a race in 2016. After conversations and encouragement from a few key people, I agreed to run. The issues were too important, the stakes too high, and simply criticizing from the sidelines was not an option. At the time, I didn't know the last time a challenger defeated an incumbent in District 3 was 1961!

District #3 includes incorporated Mill Valley, where I've been a resident for 36 years, Sausalito, Belvedere and Tiburon and the unincorporated areas of Strawberry, Tam/Almonte, Paradise Cay, and Marin City. My knowledge of the issues and relationships stemmed from my activism as co-founder of Friends of Mill Valley ('07), co-founder of Citizen Marin in ('11) in response to Plan Bay Area, and Chair of the Marin Coalition.

My professional background as sole proprietor of a consulting business that strengthens the management, board, and fundraising acumen of nonprofit organizations gave me the experience to oversee the programs, staff, and $519M budget.

My values: integrity, transparency, fiscal accountability, and citizen engagement. The issues: traffic, housing, pensions, Belvedere Pl., Branson, etc.

I got a respectable 7,566 votes (42%). The stakes are still high. My commitment continues.

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