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Voting in Marin During These Challenging Times

Zoom Webinar
September 17, 2020
12:00 pm - 1:30 pm

2020 has no doubt been a difficult year for us all, with the challenges caused by the Corona virus, an unprecedented economic plunge, wildfires, and racial tensions. In November, Marin voters will be asked to cast their ballots to choose not only our next president but also other federal, state and local officials, as well as decide several important state and local ballot measures. Complicating this landscape is an unprecedented set of potential challenges to the voting process itself. Charges of voter interference and fraud have arisen in the public square, as have concerns about postal service; some are beginning to wonder if the very integrity of our elections is at risk.

To help make sense of all of this, Marin County Registrar Lynda Roberts will join us to talk about many of the issues that are of concern to voters, including voting options, management of voter registration information, the possibility of hacking of voting machines, the safety of polling places, the reliability of Post Office to protect and deliver mailed ballots, the process of verifying and counting ballots, and many more related issues. Event participants will have an opportunity to submit questions to Ms. Roberts.


LYNDA ROBERTS was appointed Marin County Registrar of Voters in 2014. Prior thereto, she served as the Clerk-Recorder-Registrar of Voters and Clerk of the Board of Supervisors in Mono County. Before moving to California, she lived on the Big Island of Hawaii from 2005-07 and worked in the development department at Parker School, a private K-12 college prep school. Her career in public service and elections started with Salt Lake City municipal government in 1977.

Lynda graduated from the University of Utah in 2005 with a Master of Public Administration degree, where she also earned a bachelor’s degree in fine art. She worked 14 years at the University of Utah in the Political Science Department as production manager of an international academic journal and department administrative assistant.

Lynda is a graduate of the San Rafael Leadership Institute and the Marin County Leadership Academy and a member of the California Assn. of Clerks and Election Officials (CACEO), a professional association.

Date: Thursday September 17, 2020; 12:00 PM

Where: Zoom Webinar.

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Cost: Free

Organization: Marin Coalition

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