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Committee for Safe and Modern TUHSD Schools

Support Local Funding to Maintain Safe and Modern High Schools

Measure A will help maintain the high-quality education at Tam High, Redwood, Archie Williams, San Andreas, and Tamiscal high schools, preparing our students for college and beyond.

Our local high schools consistently win state and national awards, recognizing the high-quality education they provide for local students. However, classrooms, labs, facilities, and school technology were built for a different era of learning.

Redwood and Archie Williams are both over 60 years old, and Tam High is over 100 years old. The last significant upgrades to our schools occurred almost 20 years ago. Unfortunately, the state does not provide funding for facilities; local schools cannot update classrooms and labs to support quality education without local funding. The only mechanism through which the funding can be obtained is a facilities bond.

The tax rate of $30 per $100,000 of assessed value (not market value) is similar to recent school bonds in Marin County, including San Rafael and Sausalito-Marin City’s bonds. The typical homeowner in the Tam District will pay approximately $300 per year for Measure A. Because the District is so large, however, the revenue to the District is significant. The $517 million generated by Measure A will allow the District to complete the most urgent work at all five school sites and ensure that our students have safe and up-to-date facilities in which to learn and grow.

Voting Yes on A means our local high schools can continue to prepare students for college and careers and ensures local students have the same state-of-the-art educational facilities that other high school students in Marin County already have.

Yes on A will:

Strict Accountability Keeps Measure A Local

Whether or not you have school-age children, supporting quality education is a wise investment. Providing our children with up-to-date facilities that enhance instead of take away from their educational experiences is good for the entire community. Good schools improve the quality of life in Marin and protect the value of our homes.

Additionally, the new facilities will be available to every member of the community for after-school use.

Join local parents, teachers, businesses, and community leaders – vote Yes on A to maintain the high quality of education local students deserve!


TUHSD Bond Measure A