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Livable CA

Act Now!

Many bills have been introduced over the past two months to address what many are calling a housing crisis. While there are housing shortages and affordability issues in some parts of the state, the “crisis” is unregulated, profit-driven development that would be worsened by 2019 legislation.

TIME FRAME: The bills are in their respective policy committees NOW. They must move out of committee by April 26.

ACT NOW: Choose the options that work for you.

Livable CA has prioritized our efforts to oppose these bills.

SB-50 (overrides local planning)

AB-1487 (creates regional unelected taxing agency to collect $1.5B/year)

SB-330 (prohibits building moratoriums)

AB-69 and AB-587 (removes local control over Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs)

AB-725 (attack on single family homes)

SB-4 (streamlines approval process) - Watching

EMAIL or CALL your State Senator and Assembly Members about bills coming out of MTC-initiated CASA Compact, which lacked transparency and representation from 97 of 101 cities. Personally or collectively urge opposition to the bills that are an assault on local control and democratic principles.

Find your state rep here: Follow the prompts.

EMAIL or CALL the SENATE Housing Committee.

Scott Wiener, Chair (916) 651-4011

Mike Morrell, VC (916) 651-4023

Anna Caballero (916) 651-4012

Maria Elena Durazo (916) 651-4024

Shannon Grove (916) 651-4016

Mike McGuire (916) 651-4002

John Moorlach (916) 651-4037

Richard Roth (916) 651-4031

Nancy Skinner (916) 651-4009

Thomas Umberg (916) 651-4034

Bob Wieckowski (916) 651-4010

EMAIL or CALL the Governance & Finance Committee.

Mike McGuire, Chair (916) 651-4002

John Moorlach, VC (916) 651-4037

Jim Beall (916) 651-4015

Robert Hertzberg (916) 651-4018

Melissa Hurtado (916) 651-4014

Jim Nielsen (916) 651-4004

Scott Wiener (916) 651-4011

EMAIL or CALL the ASSEMBLY Housing Committee.

David Chiu, Chair (916) 319-2017

Brian Maienschein (916) 319-2077

Jesse Gabriel (916) 319-2045

Todd Gloria (916) 319-2078

Kevin Kiley (916) 319-2006

Monique Limon (916) 319-2037

Sharon Quirk-Silva (916) 319-2065

JOIN Livable CA on March 26 or 27 for a Lobby Day in Sacramento. Email your name, legislators, preferred date, and phone to OR SCHEDULE your own appointment in your legislator’s district office.

SEND A LETTER to your legislators or members of the committees on personal/professional or neighborhood/community letterhead. Send a copy to your local media outlet and Livable CA.

INFORM others by writing an editorial or Letter to the Editor for your local paper. Talk to people in line at the grocery store. Post on Nextdoor.

EDUCATE about the bills. HOST a Neighborhood Coffee or Community Town Hall. TALK to others in the line at the market. SPEAK during public time at City Council or County Supervisors meetings.

BE CREATIVE. Send Livable CA your stories and pictures of ways you are creating a culture of truth and transparency, justice and equity, safety, peace and prosperity for all.

Sample script for a call:

My name is ___. I live in (name’s) district. I’m calling about (name one or more bill from the list above). As my representative, I urge (legislator’s name) to oppose these bills (reasons below). You might be asked for your zip code.

Sample Email Message (modify to make it your own):

I urge you to speak and vote against any bill coming out of the CASA Compact. These “housing” bills are designed to take control from democratically-elected local officials and hand it over to the real estate, finance, construction, and corporate industries.

Additional ideas to use in calls and letters: