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Friends of Kentfield Kids and Creeks

Friends of Kentfield Kids and Creeks Petition to stop environmental hazards

Friends of Kentfield Kids and Creeks are concerned residents advocating for the kids, schools, creeks, and local community being negatively impacted by the new College of Marin Maintenance and Operations Facility in Kentfield.

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Summary of the Issue

The College of Marin (COM) is currently building a new Maintenance and Operations facility on a former playing field adjacent to Kent Middle School and the Corte Madera Creek. However, they never disclosed to the public that they plan to change the site to industrial uses, including the collection and transfer of trash, storage of hazardous materials, and a fleet yard for the maintenance vehicles and equipment for the entire COM Kentfield campus.

They did not disclose these intended uses but claimed that the new facility would cause "no significant impact" in order to avoid conducting an Environmental Impact Review (EIR) which would have include a full environmental assessment, detailed disclosures, public review, and a potential mitigation plan.

Our Community Deserves Better

College of Marin needs to immediately stop the project. The College should fully disclose and assess the planned use of the site, and allow for public review. They must ensure a detailed plan is in place to mitigate any potential impacts to the 600+ students at Kent Middle School and the Corte Madera Creek watershed.

In summary, we demand that College of Marin:

Read the legal challenge filed in Marin Superior Court HERE