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Candidate for California Governor, Eastin at MWPAC Event

Yesterday, March 9, 2018, candidate for California Governor, Delaine Eastin spoke at the annual Marin Women's Political Action Committee luncheon before a packed house at The Club at McInnis Park, San Rafael.

Eastin stated that she won't take corporate money. She is also the only candidate to come out for rent control in a state where high and ever escalating rents are harming many lower and middle income residents. When asked where she stood on the unfunded pension liability crisis in the state, Eastin said it was time for the "adults" to take over and called for a high level task force to begin talking about things that need talking about with solutions that "will not bankrupt cities, counties and school districts".

The complete talk can be found at the following link: CLICK HERE


Delaine Eastin, California Governor's race, MWPAC, Rent Control