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Vote NO on Mill Valley School Parcel Tax Measure E!

Vote NO on Measure E!

Mill Valley School Parcel Tax Deserves an "F!"

Many of us bought homes in Mill Valley because of the public schools and the community commitment to support quality education. We are proud of the teachers, administrators, and board members who serve. But citizens require transparency, accountability, and cost-effectiveness to maintain trust and approve tax measures.

Mill Valley Schools (K-8) has placed Measure E on the November ballot. It deserves an "F!" It sells the measure with the flowery language of excellent schools, without supporting evidence. It fails to describe specifics of needs and outcomes. And with its inflated annual increase of 5%, it lacks cost effectiveness, and, in fact, contributes to making Mill Valley less affordable for teachers and young families.

Reasons to Vote NO on Mill Valley School Parcel Tax Measure E


Measure A, which passed in 2008, is up for renewal in 2016 as Measure E, but it doesn't expire until June 30, 2018. Voters who genuinely want to maintain accountable schools could and should say, “Enough is enough!” and vote "NO" in November. Advocates could and should anticipate defeat because of their overly aggressive 5% escalator.

Proponents should bring the measure back to the voters with a more modest and realistic 2-3% escalator cap, in 2017.

Then they could and likely would regain trust and win support.

Go to this link to see Ballot Measure E, as it will appear in the Voter's Information Pamphlet.

On November 8th 2016

Vote NO on Mill Valley School Parcel Tax Measure E.


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